• Non-GMO Seed Collection
Seattle Seed Co.

Non-GMO Seed Collection

Seattle Seed Co. makes gardening easy, with their seed collection kits!
Each box includes:
-5 packets of non-GMO garden seeds
*Seed varieties are subject to change due to seasonal availability and crop failure.

Starter Garden: A diverse collection of easy-to-grow veggies for novice and experienced gardeners alike.
- Full-color recipe cards to take full advantage of your harvest.
- Snap Peas, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Carrots, Lettuce Mix 

Culinary Herbs: Snip fresh herbs from your garden to heighten the flavors of all your dishes.
- Herb Drying Guide
- Parsley, Sage, Chives, 
Basil, Thyme

Children's Garden: Fast-growing vegetables provide a great gardening foundation for eager young growers.
- DIY wooden garden markers
- Snap Peas, Sunflowers, Green Beans, Pumpkins, Carrots

Pollinator Garden: Attract the most diverse set of pollinators to your yard from spring through fall.
- Pollinator Fact Sheet so you can help stop the loss of biodiversity.
- Borage, Lacy Phacelia, Nicotiana, Lavender, Echinacea

Healing Herb Garden: Craft your own tinctures, salves, oils, and more using fresh herbs and flowers from your garden.
- Instructions to make your own Healing Balm/Salve 
- Sage, Echinacea, Lemon Balm, Calendula, Chamomile
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