• Pour Over Coffee Maker w/ Filter

Pour Over Coffee Maker w/ Filter

Are you tired of purchasing all the different equipment, including disposable paper filters, just to make home brew? Look no further.

Introducing OVALWARE's Pour Over Coffee Maker - complete with a Stainless Steel Filter & Multipurpose Filter Holder.

Pure design and function that you won’t find anywhere - a 3-in one measurement cup, temperature stabilizer lid, and filter stand to save you precious precision, convenience, and most importantly, time and flavor.  The durable, reusable Stainless Steel Filter keeps essential oils and nutrients that you would otherwise lose in paper filters - so you can taste fuller, richer coffee at your convenience.

Volume: 0.5L

Dimensions: 5.7" l x 5.7" w x 9.3" h

  • $33.99